How to Achieve Dewy Skin?

If there is a skin or a make-up trend that remains evergreen and relevant throughout the years, it would be the natural glowing skin look. Of course, it is often said that glowing skin comes from within, just as how beautiful skin is a reflection of a healthy body and mind.

There are natural ways to achieve natural glowing skin, such as making sure that you stay well hydrated at all times, maintain a diet that includes a lot of vegetables and fruits that contain a lot of antioxidants and get enough sleep.

That aside, there are other ways to achieve and ‘cheat’ that look through dewy skin products. Here is a handy guide as to how to get glowing and dewy skin through both skincare and make-up.

Achieving dewy skin through skincare

A skincare regime that hydrates and nourishes the skin enough will allow it to shine through, and you will find that once you nail a skincare routine that compliments your skin well, you would hardly need any make-up to achieve that glow – because it is all natural!

As a general tip, it is advisable to spray on a light mist such as the My Clarins RE-FRESH Hydrating Beauty Mist, which prepares your skin for any treatments and boosts its glow. Once or twice a week, have a go at the One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser which will scrub away dead skin cells and make way for new and glowing skin.

Incorporate hydrating skincare products and dewy skin products into your routine, such as the Hydra-Essentiel Light Cream. It is specially formulated for Asian skin, which is typically exposed to tropical summers. Its lightweight texture and formula delivers intensive moisture all day, while keeping the skin protected from external aggressors that may cause dehydration. If you are looking for oil-based products to add to your moisturiser or other treatments for an added glow, essential oils such as the Santal Face Treatment Oil, Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil or the Lotus Oil would be ideal.

The Vitamin C-rich Bright Plus Advanced Brightening Dark Spot-Targeting Serum, on the other hand, is a serum that lifts skin’s radiance and glow from within by promoting an even and brighter skin tone. What’s even better is that it will also work to eradicate any spots that appear on the skin for a flawless finish.

Achieving dewy skin through make-up

Dewy and glowy skin make-up can be easily achieved by selecting the right type of make-up. Not every product can make the cut, as the focus should be on ones that are specifically dewy look make-up products.

First on the list is a dewy foundation that would mimic that enviable glow, such as the Skin Illusion SPF15, for that hydrated yet bare skin effect. It leaves the skin fresh, silky and natural, providing the illusion that it is your real skin that is indeed glowing.

However, be sure to apply a primer before this dewy foundation—or any other foundation for that matter—because it would help the foundation stick to the skin the entire day, while also keeping the skin’s natural oil in check. After all, you wouldn’t want to look overly dewy or oily. One such primer would be the SOS Primer, which will help colour correct, address existing skin concerns and create a smooth canvas for makeup application.

Compliment the whole dewy look with a natural lip balm with a gloss to compliment your shining skin, like the Natural Lip Perfector, and a concealer that doubles as a highlighter like the Instant Light Brush-On Perfector on the high points of your face where it naturally catches light. By the end of this, you should be ready to shine!

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