2021 has been quite a year and you deserve a little treat for continuing to stoically bloom in the face of adversity. Embrace the beauty of science and innovation with Clarins this 11.11 and inject some cheer into your end of the year celebrations with amazing 11.11 promotions and deals!

From a celebration of singlehood to one of the world’s most thrilling shopping seasons of the year for shoppers everywhere, 11.11 (otherwise known as singles day sales) is the date that shoppers everywhere look forward to for deals galore both online and offline.

Things may be a little different this year, but don’t let the new normal put a damper on your 11.11 sales plans. Keep your eyes on the prize because you’ll be encountering some of the best 11.11 deals and makeup and skincare promotions in Singapore during this period – perfect for your Christmas shopping prep!

If nothing sounds more exciting than a great deal on beauty and skincare gift sets then you’re in luck – Clarins Singapore is delivering a shot of cheer with plenty of amazing promotions dropping for the 11.11 sales this year!

Read on to discover how you can score some of the best 11.11 deals on your favourite skincare, make-up and body care products here at Clarins!

11.11 Glow From Within Beauty Kits

The new normal may have taken its toll on you but fret not, Clarins has the solution to banish the gloom with a fresh blooming complexion just for you.

[Expired] Starting from 1 October, limited quantities of Clarins’ Beauty Kits are available at $50 for each. Beauty Kit consists of a $50 E-Voucher, that is applicable for one time use from 1 - 11 Nov with minimum spend of $120. By this, you can try before you buy, explore what works for your skin and rediscover your glow from within with our make-up and skincare gift sets.

Play & Win Extra Gifts

[Expired] Looking for a way to light up your day? Join us for some fun as Clarins introduces some elements of gamification into the 11.11 sales itinerary!

Participate in 3 different games under the 11 Seconds Challenge with us, and stand to win a free gift that will be automatically added to your cart upon checkout.

Set your alarm from 18 - 31 October, as this will be your opportunity to get more gifts and have some fun while you’re at it with three different games called “Slice & Score”, “Find The Ingredient”, and “Flip & Match”! Once you complete the first game, you can proceed to the next game on the following day!

Unlock more gifts with more games and take them home with you starting 1 - 11 November on with no min. spend.! Take up the challenge by just remembering to keep at it and check in on three different days to unlock the next game!

Embracing The Light With Clarins

[Expired] Every flower needs the light to bloom, so let Clarins be your light this 11.11 sales season and discover the beauty of science and innovation through plant-powered products.

From 1 - 5 November, take your pick from 5 exclusive pre-order sets that will put the pep back in your step. Secure the sets by making payment within this period, and you will receive your favourite Clarins products from 9 November onwards.

Try, test and trust with Clarins

[Expired] There’s no better time to shop for a complete makeup or beauty kit from Clarins than during the 11.11 sale, but what would make it even better is if you get to try before you buy.

Take your pick of five different beauty kits curated by Clarins, which contain the three must-haves and steps in your preferred skincare routine before topping it off with an essential serum.

What’s more is that all these beauty kits target different types of skin concerns, so be sure to select the right travel-sized sample for your skin type.

1.11 ToLight Shows

[Expired] Stay tuned for our 11.11 ToLight Shows from 1 - 11 November! Join Roz and our guest hosts at 9pm on to learn more about trendy topics that touch on foods that are good for your skin, plant-based diets, staying connected with loved ones, mindful and minimalist skincare, and motherhood and pregnancy. That’s not all, you also get to enjoy exclusive giveaways – Limited Edition of Clarins candles set, and promo codes to get 11.11 holographic sticker set for the first 50 orders with $250 spend per night that are only available during the live shows. The most exciting part is, top daily spenders will win an exclusive Double 11 Grand Prize!

11.11 Launch Day

[Expired] The long-awaited moment is finally here! From 1 - 11 November, look forward to even more 11.11 promotions for must-have make-up kits, skincare sets as well as exciting and enlightening Live Shows on ageing gracefully, and experiencing the days at home with a significant other, mental wellness, the culture of overconsumption, music and generation wars.

Curious about what else is in store for you? Stand a chance to win promo codes for extra beauty gift sets comprising make-up and skincare, and even discounts during our daily Spin & Win.

Clarins Singapore 2021 11.11 sale has ended now. Can’t get enough? Please stay tuned for our next skincare and beauty offers!